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Anushka Laha


The secret six to a wardrobe fix.

Our wardrobes have almost always been fad fashion fed. Fad is but momentary, and fades away without prospective revival. Most impulsive buys gear towards everything that is fast and transitory. Slow, therefore is revolutionary, an alternative to our obsession with speed. Slow works to counteract the fast life devoid of drive. Slow manifests itself in space, void, object, image and design. One need just take note.

Amidst all the fashion articles that crowd one’s closet, there are a few that graduate into wardrobe staples. Whether you’re starting over anew or are simply upgrading, we share with you the secret six staples that complete your wardrobe.

Classic white shirt. Men or women regardless, a crisp white is timeless and transeasonal. With collars together, they become the perfect canvas for layering necklaces.

Blending in with the binaries we have therefore, the classic black shirt. Black is a power house. Helps to contour and structure silhouettes and compliments all other hues.

Pair of blue and black denims. These never run out of style. Built for endurance, these can bear with everyday rudeness effortlessly. Wash them a million times and wear them a million times over, they only turn better with every use.

Investment pieces- leather jacket and blazer. They are sure to cost you something, might as well burn some holes. Yet will mend them too like none other. Investment pieces as such outlive generations and are evergreen.

Let’s not forget the little one. The sensational, LBD (little black dress) can save your outfit at both formal and informal occasions. Dress it up with heels and hoops or pair it up with jackets and sneakers, you’re sure to look impeccable irrespective.

A pencil skirt. The darker the better, since darker shades are masters of illusion. This piece is engineered to structure and transform silhouettes into leaner alternatives.

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